Electronic Dance Music #1: What’s new on Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube and Co.?

Global sounds from the net: Our greatest discoveries in one Playlist

Every day we get many new tracks from all over the world on Submithub. The very best of electronic dance music is featured in this brand-new series. The spectrum reaches from Minimal & Indie-Electronic to Future Bass, Techno, EDM, Deep, Tech and House music.

Gray Hawken – Tone, Colour, Sadness (Indie Electronic)

The most divine Indie-Electronic sound experience! Gray Hawken, the Canadian artist is part of the Locals Only Sound Collective in Toronto. His dreamy, smoky, incredibly present vocals combined with deep instrumentals send chills that go deep under your skin! The track was produced on the same sound desk as once Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin have done before the boys went to the Abbey Road Studios. An artist with a future!

Tourist – Kin (Minimal Electronic)

William Phillips is the Brit behind the Tourist. Kin his released track on the album Wild (Monday Records), does not only stand out for its smooth and brilliant production. William Masters storytelling. The aloof cut-off vocals tear one out of the everyday life and transport you to places where you can let go and take a breather. You come full circle. As he said himself, this year he came to terms with his self-doubts and fully embraced his spectrum of his grand output. An ingeniously arranged musical accompaniment to feel and find yourself…

Far Out – Lost (Future Bass)

A very vivid Future Bass track coming from two mysterious Canadians. While the female vocals are reminiscent of singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding, their interest in Star Wars and the super-natural elements of author Dan Brown seem to deeply collide on some level. Far Out also enthuse their fans with their sound and look and do so successfully. But regardless of their whereabouts or their gender, Far Out offers exciting spacy club sounds from another galaxy ...

Leo Salom – Back To You (Deep House)

Uplifting tropical house music to spend your night with. Leo Salom is not only the founder of the label Regulare Records, he is also an Italian DJ and producer now based in Los Angeles. If you like it smooth and lighthearted music, you are well served with this track.

Roland Tings – Up Close (Minimal Electro)

Australian electronic music artist Roland Tings knows how to build sleek tracks. Up Close is his latest single release from his upcoming album Salt Water. It appears that the artist enjoys to produce his sounds in his zone, the Otway National Park, in southern Victoria. The density of the forest, the salty air and the proximity to the sea definitely serve the young musician as an ideal source of inspiration.

Tee Lerrone – Do you? (House, Disco, Deep House)

Prepare yourself to be fully flashed by the latest house track coming from Brooklyn based producer and DJ Tee Lerrone. With a sweetened 90's touch, the track Do you? beams even the most ancient old-school house music enthusiast back in time. Funky, sexy and with plenty of good vibes, this track moves every crowd.

Dayne S x Davis Mallory – Gone (Tech House, Deep House)

Brilliant collaboration between German artist Dayne S and Nashville based Davis Mallory. A perfectly arranged dancefloor track featuring Mallory’s fresh vocals rounding the track up into pure delight. Just as the Rolling Stone Magazine said about Dayne S: "... an artist you need to know for the future". Couldn’t agree more.

Trilane ft. Tom Noah – Never Forget (Nicky Romero Edit) (Progressive House, EDM)

The young duo from Stockholm are pressing the gas pedal with Never Forget. A huge club banger. For the young listeners here, this is a proper and a definitely loyal rave partner. Take a sip of Skrillex, a sweet drop of Swedish House Mafia, with a spoonful Avicii. Cheers!

Waysons – New World (Tech House/Progressive/EDM)

The Swiss artists from Lausanne are smashing it big time with New World. The sound leans more towards the commercial side while it serves as an absolute crowd pleaser in a very good way. The track is energetic and appears to scream: Go and bloody dance and forget about your stress and sorrows.

Cityzen – Who Ya Gonna Call? (Tech House/Future/UK Garage/EDM)

Last but not least our chosen favorite track of the month. Intense futuristic beats and pure action ... An absolute rave slammer. Like in a breathtaking thriller, this track captivates you, drags you to the dance floor and does whatever it wants with you. Who You Gonna Call? No-one, you surrender! A mad and crazy journey to enjoy, a buzzing energy that lets you simply switch off. Reminiscent of the mighty Squarepusher mixed with a bit of old 80’s rave music and UK Rephlex tunes buzzing through the deepest London underground bunkers. A glorious feeling.

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